Give your existing roller blinds a second life and contribute to the envirement.

The fabric is worn out, but hte system is still working. Thanks to:

To give a roller blind a second life does not sound that bad.
We live in a disposable society with the major retail chains in the lead. Take a look at a pre-packaged roller blind that hangs at the hardware store. The packaging appears to be more expensive than the fabric. Every roller blind has quite a lot of volume. For example, a sea container with roller blinds is largely filled with air. If you then look at what has been spent on energy before the roller blinds are in front of you, you are a little bit scared.

replace-roller-blind-fabric Thanks to:

Which roller blind fabrics are all available separately?

When you browse the internet, you will encounter few companies that will tailor the fabric for roller blinds. That was a bit disappointing. In the Netherlands and Belgium we came across two websites where you can have the fabric made to your own liking. From just cutting the fabric to the complete replacement of the fabric, complete with self-adhesive adhesive edge on the top and a beautiful edge finish on the bottom. That way you save money but you also contribute a bit to a better environment. The system gets a second life, you have to throw away less, pay less and you do not need to drill or screw again to hang the roller blind. If you add up to 50% with a saving, you will be a little bit cheerful.

Choose from transparent, semi transparent and blackout roller blind fabrics. Let them cut to size and stick the cloth on the tube of your existing system. Your roller blind is ready. It can now take another 5 to 10 years and your interiur really lives up to it.