Security cameras are getting better

The quality of security camera’s is rising.

You certainly will remember a television program where robbers or burglars are shown on foottages taken from home security cameras.  Often these cameras only had 420 lines wich is reasonable if one stands very close to the camera. But that is usually not the case. The last decade the image quality is rising fast and cameras are getting much smaller.  A good example are the small drone camera’s today, or the camera of your smart phone. One thinks as such a small camera is so good, why not a security camera. The reason is that the camera has to perform during day and night. Night vision for a long time is obtained with infra red light.  The disadvantage or IR is the recognicion of people at night. This because the foottage is deformed as through IR you see heath.

Starlight cameras

This is a new technique in wich the camera has very low lux. This is the light sensitivity. The lower the lux the more the camera sees at night. Starlight only needs the light of a street lantern to see colour at night and to reproduce it on your screen. Thee are pure starlight camera’s, but there are also combinations with infra red for dark areas and for guarding large areas. The disadvantage of infra red is also that the camera is seen at night and that it attracks insects. It means the camera has to be cleaned more often.


 a starlight camera with auto patrol.

The starlight camera shown above can auto track people and zoom in 30 times. That gives great opportunities for day and night.  When central mounted it is easy to guard a large area with just one camera. Ofcourse the foottage can be seen on your smarthone and alarms can be programmed and sent direct to you.

European inventions in Window blinds

Window blinds had quiet some evolution during the last 20 years and can be divided in several product catogories. So there are beside the longest existing venetian blinds also Roman blinds, roller blinds, panel blinds, zebra blinds, honeycomb blinds and window dividers.  We will take al look at companies that did some nice work during the last few years.


Roller Blinds

Are at this moment the most poplular blinds in the world. The simple design and reasonable price made it a great hit starting in the 60’s of the last century. The fabric an systems have evolved to big sizes with beautiful head covers and bottom rails meeting demands of tomorrow by making them smart connected to the internet. Roller blinds can be obtained in translucent, semi translucent and black out. The black out fabric is especially made for bedrooms.

Venetian Blnds

The inventors of the venetian were Hunter Douglas with the brand ; Luxaflex‘ The 50 mm version was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Today there is a great hunger for vintage and these wide slats are modern again.  So is the wooden version as on the image above.  Venetian blinds can be obtained in 16, 25, 35, 50 and 70 mm in width and are best to keep the sun outside.

Zebra blinds


This has become a very popular blind during the last five years. The convenience of using the blind translucent or closed has made this a hit worldwide.  The fabric is available in thousands of patterns and colours, mostly made in Korea and Turkey. In the begining the maximum width of the fabric was 240 cm. Nowadays even 320 cm belongs to the possiblilities.

Window Divider


This is a new invention of the Company; Hewo. They are the patend holder in Europe. With a windo divider it is possible to divide a window into parts with cords hanging in front of the window. It is ideal for privacy and rooms that still need a lot of light. They are some kind of horizontal panel blinds.

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